Ways to Repair your Drywall Holes

Once you own a house, little accidents are bound to occur. Often, drywall is the target of these accidents, with minor dents and dings adding up as time passes. Toys get thrown, furniture gets moved around, and doors get opened too quickly. There are infinite ways our walls could become damaged, hence, we will talk about the ways how you can repair your drywall and here are the following tips you can follow to do so.

Before we start, you will need to get the following supplies and tools to make this process easier:

  • Utility knife
  • Sanding paper or block
  • Rags
  • Putty knife (preferably 4”)
  • Paint (coat and primer)
  • Drywall spackling or compound

Prepare the drywall hole

Get your utility knife and cut any drywall paper remains around the damaged hole. Then, take your sanding paper and level any abrasions in the drywall surrounding it. Using a rag, wipe the area off and move on to the next step.

Fill the drywall hole

Get your 4” putty knife and put on drywall spackling to the hole. As you apply the compound, move the putty knife in a cross shape pattern across the hole. This will help to level out the spackling or compound into the hole. Get rid of any extra compound from around the hole and wait for it to dry. When the first coat has already dried up, it will slightly shrink down. This could leave a small hollow where the hole was. Thus, you need to cover it with a second coat of compound. If the second coat has dried, get your sanding block and sand the hole lightly to level it with the surrounding wall.

Paint the drywall

Now that you have dried your newly patched drywall, take the primer paint and conceal the fresh compound. To help with color blending, paint the former hole and a small area that surrounds the hole. When the primer dries, you can apply the finishing coat. As you apply it, feather the paint while you move away from the hole to make it smoother. To do feather painting, utilize a small brush and focus your brush stroke near the hole’s center. While you paint away from the hole, apply less force and then blend the new paint into the old. If this method is done appropriately, this could make the hole look seamless and appear as if it never happened.

The moment you have already finished painting, your drywall will be good to go. This method could work mostly for small holes. However, any hole that’s larger than a quarter must be replaced or patched. When you apply this method to repair bigger holes, it could get more challenging and complicated.

So, if you have problems such as bigger drywall holes or you need sections to be entirely replaced, you will possibly need professional help from Handyman Savannah GA to get the job done right. If that’s the case, you can contact us and visit our site to set an appointment and get an estimation. Our team would be pleased to help you out with your project.

Why You Need to Regularly Maintain Your Lawn

There are a lot of reasons why you should employ lawn care when you want to take care of your lawn. This is because if you let it grow out you may need to take a lot of your time and it will become tedious keeping it looking clean. Not everyone has the time to dedicate the time intended for rest to use it up as lawn care.

Some areas offer lawn maintenance Camden County, in which people can freely ask a lawn care contractor to take care of their lawns for them. Here are some of the reasons why you should get your lawn taken care of or at least hire someone to take care of your lawn:

Increases the appeal of your home

A wall landscaped lawn can increase the curb appeal and for sure should you sell your house in the future, the appraiser would price it higher since there is a lot of demand on houses that are well maintained especially if the well-tended areas are the outside of the house, like the lawn. This will make your home increase in market value and the return on invested with maintaining your lawn will come back tenfold when you sell your house.

Weeds are a hassle

If you do not carefully watch your yard and it has been taken over by weeds then what might happen is that the weeds will take over your entire lawn. Resurfacing the grass would be very difficult especially if the weed has already marked their territory in the area. You will need to prevent the actual growth of weed before this penetrates your lawn and it will be harder to remove.

Pests and other bugs

Did you know that these pests and bugs love living inside your soil and eat your grass. Mosquitos, flies, ticks and other pests love these conditions and they can easily destroy your well grown grasses, this is why it is a need to also spray some pesticide on your lawn and have a professional lawn care expert to look after your lawn so that it can be properly taken care of.

Turf feeding

You should always feed your lawn and this is where you will fertilize and feed the soil nutrients. Properly feeding the lawn will make it healthier and you will be able to keep the health of your turf in good shape.

Preparing your lawn for the different seasons

Since there are different maintenance techniques when it’s a different season you will need to prepare the yard depending on which season is upcoming. You would want to identify the proper color of the season. If you want to keep your lawn healthy and well maintained on all seasons, you can look for a local lawn maintenance company that can cater to the area you are living in. There are a lot of lawn care maintenance contractors that offer a variety of services that will no longer make you worry about your lawn anymore.